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Operation Ida’s holiday haul

Operation Ida, an independent group formed by commanders to assist in the repair of damaged starports, will be launching their second annual Holiday Haul on the 14th of December 3305. This event marks the second anniversary of the first ever Thargoid attack on a station, and will also raise money…
Sagittarius Eye
December 12, 3305
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The crash of The Gnosis

Canonn Research Group’s ship The Gnosis crashed into a civilian installation in the HIP 23759 system this week. Although no serious damage occurred, The Gnosis was wedged between the installation, and with much wiggling was eventually freed. There is much speculation as to why and how the crash happened; one…
Sagittarius Eye
December 10, 3305
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Full Throttle at Pareco

Racing fans have much to celebrate this week after the conclusion of yet another thrilling time trial race in the system of Pareco.  Approximately eleven-thousand light seconds from the main star of the system is a set of six space stations all in relatively close proximity. The challenge that pilots…
Sagittarius Eye
October 17, 3305
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Mission Farsight 1,000 Days

Commander Picard, galactic explorer, has just hit a record of 1,000 days of continuous exploration in deep space as part of Mission Farsight, an expedition to go where no one has gone before.  Picard hit this prestigious milestone on the 16th of September, 3305. He has been in deep space…
Sagittarius Eye
October 2, 3305
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Cmdr Plater’s successful 24-hour livestream

Galactic videographer Commander Plater of the Pilots’ Federation has once again held a successful charity livestream. This past 28th of September, 3305, commanders and pilots from all regions of space gathered for a day of celebration, challenges, and entertainment. Over the course of the event, Pilots’ Federation commanders contributed over…
Sagittarius Eye
October 1, 3305
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The Border Coalition disbands

Three years after its bid to attain galactic power status, The Border Coalition has dissolved. Founded in 3302 as a “populist movement on the frontier,” The Border Coalition was initially composed of three permanent members: The Winged Hussars, Communism Interstellar, and The Mercs of Mikunn. The Kuun-Laan, an independent feudal…
Sagittarius Eye
September 20, 3305
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Commander Plater’s 24-hour charity event

Galactic videographer Commander Plater of the Pilots’ Federation has announced that he will be hosting a 24-hour charity event on the 28th of September, 3305. The event’s proceeds will be directed to the British Thyroid Foundation for Cancer.    Other well-known pilots will be involved, including Commander Exigeous, Commander Yamiks,…
Sagittarius Eye
September 10, 3305
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The kidnapping of OrangePheonix

First of all, let us begin this article stating that our friend OrangePheonix is in great condition after the horrible situation he was put through. We are happy to tell his story:   OrangePheonix was contacted by ThePirateOrc, a commander with whom he had previous dealings in relation to his…
Sagittarius Eye
September 5, 3305
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Hot Off The Press – Results

The Buckyball Racing Club's most recent event "Hot Off The Press" (run in association with Sagittarius Eye magazine), is now over and has been declared a huge success. In total 15 separate commanders took part in this photojournalistic race which involved collecting evidence for six separate assignments. Although travelling quickly…
Sagittarius Eye
August 28, 3305

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