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Since the destruction of Sagittarius Eye’s office on Lave Station on 29th August 3304, we have continued to broadcast and publish our magazine from our mobile office the Monocle, a Type-10 Defender on loan from our partners, the SPVFA. Today we are happy to report that we have finally opened…
Sagittarius Eye
January 19, 3305
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Omega Mining Initiative

As part of the plan of the Distant Worlds 3305 expedition, on 17th January 3305 The Omega Mining Corporation requested deliveries of raw materials for a new Orbis starport. This is to be built in the heart of the galaxy. Independent CMDRs have equipped their ships with mining tools to…
Sagittarius Eye
January 17, 3305
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Correction: LSR Bounty Not Linked to Fuel Rats

Yesterday Sagittarius Eye published a news Bulletin covering a bounty placed by a faction on a Pilots Federation member. In that Bulletin, we claimed that the bounty was levelled on a Commander that killed a Fuel Rat while on a rescue mission, which would indeed have been a grave matter.…
Sagittarius Eye
April 18, 3304
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ERR Releases Another Cryptic Message

The mysterious group known as 'ERR' has once again broadcast a transmission containing a cryptic code, this time in audio form. The message itself was titled as an Official ERR Transmission. The audio was an unnamed individual reading out call-signs which, when put together, created an entirely new code. This…
Sagittarius Eye
April 14, 3304

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