Why Have the Thargoid Sites Gone Quiet?

After three weeks of data collected from the Thargoid surface sites, this week the Eagle Eye stations have failed to detect any new signals. Speaking to Galnet, Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, said: “It appears... that the sites are currently dormant, as no energy-level fluctuations have been detected…
Sagittarius Eye
March 30, 3304
Current Affairs

Hudson Observatory Repaired by Operation IDA

Following the continued efforts of Operation IDA, Hudson Observatory in HIP 17694 has been fully repaired. It will take another few hours to fully become operational so we can expect full services back on Thursday 29th. Operation IDA, started by Commander Fett_Li, has worked tirelessly to ship vital materials and…
Sagittarius Eye
March 28, 3304

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