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Space Dog makes Ratty Rescue

A huge announcement about an ongoing fuel rat rescue was recently released by a well-known pilot. Commander William Grates is no ordinary pilot: he is a fully sapient dog, able to command his ships with flying colours. He often broadcasts his adventures, and one activity he partakes in is that…
Sagittarius Eye
February 22, 3305
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Distant Worlds 3305 Stage 1 has ended

The Distant Worlds 2 waypoint of this week, number 6, is the “Aloros Ravine” in the Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390 system, located on the second moon of the second planet of the two main binary stars.   The departure from Polo Harbour (WP5) also marks the end of Stage 1…
Sagittarius Eye
February 19, 3305

Gyre and Stolon Tree Anomalies Confirmed

Cmdr Juicewayne, who started his exploration career last October, considers himself a novice yet intrepid space pilot. His first confirmed discovery of Gyre Tree Anomalies in the LYED YJ-I D9-0 system followed the observation that those anomalies are more likely to spawn in systems with terraformable worlds. Gyre Trees consist…
Sagittarius Eye
February 14, 3305
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Distant Worlds 3305 heads towards waypoint 5

Last Sunday, February 10th 3305, the next waypoint for the Distant Worlds expedition was revealed. Thousands of commanders gathered at the GeoSite "Shepard Shallows" in the Clooku EW-Y C3-197 system to undertake together the next stage of the long journey ahead.   There are many points of interest before arriving…
Sagittarius Eye
February 11, 3305
Cmdrs Event

Distant Worlds goal reached

The first goal of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition has been a massive success.   The mining operation, executed by countless commanders that took the roles of mining, security and support - including fuel rats and hull fixers - involved refining Indite, Gallite, Praseodymium and Cobalt with the primary objective…
Sagittarius Eye
February 1, 3305

‘Nova Imperium’ no more

GalNet has informed the Galactic community of the death of Kaeso Mordanticus, the self-styled ‘Imperator’ of Nova Imperium, an isolationist rebel faction purporting to restore traditional Imperial values, defend the Empire against the Thargoids, and end cooperation with the Federation and Alliance. After seven days of imprisonment, having been captured…
Sagittarius Eye
January 26, 3305

Fuel Rat’s Rangy Rescue

The Fuel Rats have reported that a new case has popped up in the galaxy of another commander who has lost fuel and is in need of rescue. The only factor that makes this journey different from the others, is the distance of the stranded pilot from the system’s main…
Sagittarius Eye
January 22, 3305
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Sagittarius Eye faction

Since the destruction of Sagittarius Eye’s office on Lave Station on 29th August 3304, we have continued to broadcast and publish our magazine from our mobile office the Monocle, a Type-10 Defender on loan from our partners, the SPVFA. Today we are happy to report that we have finally opened…
Sagittarius Eye
January 19, 3305

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