Powerplay Report – Cycle 198

Zemina Torval is making a push to prepare AF Leporis this cycle after Denton Patreus' expansion there last cycle was defeated. It's a good earner for either of them - though if Torval takes it, it will remove 6 command capital (CC) from Patreus' income which may cause some tension.…
Sagittarius Eye
March 19, 3305
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Mass jump at Sagittarius A*

Whilst other commanders were celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, explorers at the core of the Galaxy were prepping for the announcement of the next waypoint of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition.   Waypoint 8 is Swoals IL-Y e0, otherwise known as Goliath’s Rest. This system sits 2,850 light years above the…
Sagittarius Eye
March 19, 3305

Front lines report

These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.   The Pilots Federation has managed to defend Opila, an important system with four orbital stations and several outposts and ports, from incursion by the aliens. It has a population of 3.3 billion and is currently under Li Yong-Rui’s control.  …
Sagittarius Eye
March 18, 3305
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Infighting within the Empire

Conflict broke out between two Imperial Pilots Federation groups this week.   Simyr, a system of planned expansion for Arissa Lavigny-Duval, was the first of two systems to play host to the conflict. Lavigny’s Legion (LL) and the 13th had both been patrolling the system.   On the 12th of…
Sagittarius Eye
March 17, 3305

Operation Valentine concludes

The Imperial offensive, termed 'Operation Valentine' by Princess Aisling Duval's forces, has come to an end. Over the operation's four-week duration Imperial commanders have intercepted and destroyed over a hundred thousand Federal couriers and agents, collectively earning just under three and a half million merits.   For three weeks this…
Sagittarius Eye
March 16, 3305
Current Affairs

Sagittarius Eye moves to new headquarters

Sagittarius Eye has gained a controlling interest in its first orbital starport.   In January this year, the media cooperative secured a lease at McMullen Ring in the Millese system, after several months spent publishing their well-known magazine from the cargo hold of a Type-10 Defender on loan from the…
Sagittarius Eye
March 13, 3305

Sweeping new victories for Thargoids

The six systems infested with Thargoid Scouts last week have all fallen into Incursion state this week - which means that the Pilots Federation have failed to push back the Thargoids in any of last week's target systems as identified by Aegis’ Eagle Eye network.   Despite the huge efforts…
Sagittarius Eye
March 9, 3305
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Distant Worlds Resource Initiative

The second Community Goal, to outfit Explorer’s Anchorage in the galactic core, is now active. After the first CG, a station shell was established in Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 near Sagittarius A*. This shell had only minimal services such as docking and refueling, but now has outfitting with a full supply…
Sagittarius Eye
March 8, 3305

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