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Planetary Expedition date announced

After last week’s announcement of The First Great Planetary Expedition, the organisers have now settled on a launch date. This expedition is the first of its kind, as rather than a journey through space, the participants will be setting off across the surface of a planet in Vodel Surface Reconnaissance…
Sagittarius Eye
March 6, 3305
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Victories and controversy for Operation Valentine

A major ZYADA (an alliance between the four Imperial powers and Yuri Grom) offensive has left the domains of President Hudson and Shadow President Winters in turmoil, with nineteen systems reversing Federal Liberal Command control last week, and seven more set to do so this week. Hudson’s Federal Republican Command…
Sagittarius Eye
March 4, 3305

New discovery on Niveum Octahedral Pods

Intriguing new characteristics of a documented life form in the Shrogaae KK-A D983 system have been discovered. Commander Maligno, a renowned member of the Anti-Xeno Initiative, reported this interesting find. Crediting the discovery of the new behaviour to Commander MisterBowwow, alongside fellow Commanders TashaGodspeel and Cibus Animatus, they report that…
Sagittarius Eye
March 1, 3305

Thargoids Running Rampant

As the Distant Worlds 2 expedition travels farther away from the Bubble, Thargoid hostilities are escalating. This week, an unprecedented fifteen systems are now suffering Thargoid incursions and several new stations have been attacked.   The two Pilots Federation groups feeling the pressure most keenly are the Anti-Xeno Initiative (AXI),…
Sagittarius Eye
February 27, 3305

Scary things in space – Dark Lagrange Cloud

The Dryoea Flyi ii-s e4-6870 system, better known as The Gardens of Shangri-La, is a particularly interesting stellar phenomenon. Reported by Cmdr Walshies, it has been listed as a particularly scary point of interest by the leadership of the Distant Worlds 3305 expedition. Cmdr Walshies, a member of the Distant…
Sagittarius Eye
February 26, 3305
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Deluvian Reyes Cruz has been rescued

Cmdr Deluvian became stranded on November 24th 3304, having been in the void since mid-October, in an attempt to break a galactic record for furthest distance reached from the Bubble. He ran out of fuel at a distance of 65,788 light years from Sol. The Fuel Rats received his request…
Sagittarius Eye
February 25, 3305

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