Powerplay Report – Cycle 230

Grom’s turmoil Dictator Yuri Grom’s domain fell into turmoil at the end of the last cycle when he was 385 Command Capital (CC) short of paying for his upkeep. His default surplus is currently the highest of any Power at 650 CC, but ten systems being undermined cost him 1,128…
Sagittarius Eye
October 28, 3305

Powerplay Report – Cycle 229

The forces of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval and SimGuru Pranav Antal both came very close to turmoil at the end of the last cycle — in each case, one more undermined system would have been enough to push them into turmoil, although not enough to do serious damage. However, as a…
Sagittarius Eye
October 23, 3305
Cmdrs EventShips

Full Throttle at Pareco

Racing fans have much to celebrate this week after the conclusion of yet another thrilling time trial race in the system of Pareco.  Approximately eleven-thousand light seconds from the main star of the system is a set of six space stations all in relatively close proximity. The challenge that pilots…
Sagittarius Eye
October 17, 3305

Powerplay Report – Cycle 228

Profitable expansions Last cycle saw Dictator Yuri Grom’s profitable control systems Lundji and Latugara available for preparation, as he lost them in the prior cycle. It is possible the Federation caused the turmoil that previously forced Grom to retreat from these systems, but multiple parties had an interest and no…
Sagittarius Eye
October 16, 3305

Powerplay Report – Cycle 227

Dictator Yuri Grom’s forces emerged from turmoil with the loss of only two systems - Lundji and Latugara. Both were profitable and contributed a combined 47 Command Capital (CC) when his administration held more than 54 control systems. As these losses take Grom down from 51 to 49 control systems,…
Sagittarius Eye
October 8, 3305
Cmdrs EventExploration

Mission Farsight 1,000 Days

Commander Picard, galactic explorer, has just hit a record of 1,000 days of continuous exploration in deep space as part of Mission Farsight, an expedition to go where no one has gone before.  Picard hit this prestigious milestone on the 16th of September, 3305. He has been in deep space…
Sagittarius Eye
October 2, 3305
Cmdrs EventPilots Federation

Cmdr Plater’s successful 24-hour livestream

Galactic videographer Commander Plater of the Pilots’ Federation has once again held a successful charity livestream. This past 28th of September, 3305, commanders and pilots from all regions of space gathered for a day of celebration, challenges, and entertainment. Over the course of the event, Pilots’ Federation commanders contributed over…
Sagittarius Eye
October 1, 3305

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