Front lines report

These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.   For six months, since the attack on Professor Palin’s old base in Maia, the Thargoid war front has been deathly silent, with no signs of Infestation or Incursion. This changed yesterday with the sudden attack on six systems across the…
Sagittarius Eye
January 10, 3306

Powerplay Report – Cycle 240

Dictator Yuri Grom’s unprofitable expansion to LTT 9810 failed, as his domain fell into a shallow turmoil. The expansion would have cost 59 Command Capital (CC) at maximum overheads and contested Grom’s Imperial allies Torval and Aisling for 28 and 20 CC respectively. Only one system has been put at…
Sagittarius Eye
January 6, 3306

Powerplay Report – Cycle 239

Shadow President Felicia Winters faces her fifth column again this cycle, as three of her four active expansions are lossmakers and threaten to dig a hole in her default balance worth 163 Command Capital (CC) at maximum overheads. The lossmakers are very difficult to oppose, requiring 4.37 to 5.79 times…
Sagittarius Eye
January 2, 3306

Powerplay Report – Cycle 237

CEO Li Yong-Rui’s Sirius forces returned to normal business with no further loss, retaining the two profitable systems that were in turmoil, with a significant net gain in profitability after a well-managed shedding of loss-making systems. After the excitement comes a calm, with no current expansion, and at the moment…
Sagittarius Eye
December 16, 3305
Cmdrs EventSupport

Operation Ida’s holiday haul

Operation Ida, an independent group formed by commanders to assist in the repair of damaged starports, will be launching their second annual Holiday Haul on the 14th of December 3305. This event marks the second anniversary of the first ever Thargoid attack on a station, and will also raise money…
Sagittarius Eye
December 12, 3305
Cmdrs EventShips

The crash of The Gnosis

Canonn Research Group’s ship The Gnosis crashed into a civilian installation in the HIP 23759 system this week. Although no serious damage occurred, The Gnosis was wedged between the installation, and with much wiggling was eventually freed. There is much speculation as to why and how the crash happened; one…
Sagittarius Eye
December 10, 3305

Powerplay Report – Cycle 236

Shadow President Felicia Winters has lost control of fourteen valuable systems in a critical turmoil. The lost systems were worth a combined 138 Command Capital (CC) at maximum overheads and comprised the lion’s share of Winters’ profitable systems. Winters is now out of turmoil with 105 CC to spend this…
Sagittarius Eye
December 9, 3305

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